Zone Options Review

I’ve recently started comparing various Binary Option brokers to see if there is a huge difference between them. This review is my personal experience with Zone Options platform and service.

diagram 2 - stocksZone Options is one of the relatively new kids on the block. Actually, there are a few that have popped up quickly and disappeared even faster. However, in terms of a more established binary broker, Zone Options is still relatively new. You can invest in fixed or binary options. Like all other Binary Option trades, if you can predict the next small market move…. you’ll make some money! There are brokers who’ve been around longer than Zone Options, but this “new kid” has some serious updated technology and features worth considering when choosing your options broker. Here’s a link to their website.

Who Are Zone Options?

Zone Options formed two years ago and runs on a new trading platform that is also just a few years old (TechFinancials). So, is “new” a good thing or a warning sign?? Two years isn’t brand new in the trading or high-tech space so “new” is fairly relative. Most of us consider the technology and reputation of a broker like this, but the bigger question with most online brokers is, “How hard is it to get my profits out?” I’ll address that further down this review.

One of the positive things about Zone Options is how targeted they are to novices, yet how customizable their platform can be for the professional trader. They really try and cater to everyone. An experienced trader will find their platform gives you all the control and nuance you need. And for the novice, there is nothing that will overwhelm or confuse you with their interface.

To open an account and make your first trade all you need is a minimum $200 deposit. This is standard- every broker will require you to deposit a certain amount of money before you’re able to use their system. Once you’re in, money can be transferred in or out of your account through bank wire, credit card, MoneyBookers, Western Union and Liberty Reserve.

What If I Lose My Money?

Zone Options has heard you – your first time trading is really on them. If you were to lose all of your money on you very first trade, you will get it refunded (how awesome is that). Let me repeat that, they basically give you a mulligan. Fund an account, select a trade, and if you choose wrong and lose your money, you get a do-over.

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Their Trading Instruments And Platform

There are three trading instruments that you can use. These are:

  1. The high/low instrument, which means you are able to profit depending on whether the movement is upwards or downwards. As an investor, you make a prediction on movement and if you are correct, you cash in.

  2. The no touch instrument, which is another prediction tool. Here, you have to speculate on whether or not an individual price will reach a certain level within a pre-determined period of time. Again, if you are correct, you cash in.

  3. The boundary or in/out instrument, which is where you speculate on whether a price will fall either within or outside of a specific range, within a pre-determined period of time.

The profits you make will depend on how much you have invested. If you make the wrong assumption, you will lose your investment. Zone Options offers a nice range of trading assets, which means you have plenty of pair and of options to choose from.

zone options reviewed

Great Idea:

There is new feature recently added to Zone Options. It’s a feature you need to make sure you totally understand before using it, BUT for the disciplined trader it can be a game changer! They have recently added a “Rollover” button. Most of us are well aware of that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you do your research, confirm your assumptions and execute a trade. You watch as the pattern begins to form and confirms that you predicted the right move. Unfortunately, the indicators move slowly and you can run out of time in your trade before you hit profit. You were right, you just ran out of time. The “Rollover button” allows you to double your stake and increase (or rollover) your option for another period of time. This is brilliant!! If you see that your assumptions are correct you can turn a loss into a profit by simply hitting this button. Rollover your trade to the next time period and reduce possible losses. Of course, if you are just trading on emotion you can make the rookie mistake of chasing a bad trade and losing more money. You are essentially doubling up your risk by using this feature. But, if you are disciplined in your execution this will allow you to turn a few slow moving losing trades into some winners. That feature alone can make you a lot of money. With a disciplined money management system you realize you will always have losses and profits. This button can help you turn 10% of those losses into profits. This option, if implemented as part of a realistic planned strategy, can help you execute a disciplined trading system. And we all know that having a plan, and managing loses is how you win any investing game. This rollover button feature is one of the biggest reasons I like Zone Options.

Zone Options Bonuses

Almost all binary options trading platforms offer bonuses- Zone Options is no different. Some of the bonuses offered include:

  • The fact that you get your first investment back if you lose it
    **This isn’t the only broker who offers this, but you don’t find this everywhere

  • A bonus of up to 40% on first investments for deposits up to $1,000, 20% for deposits up to $499 and 30% for deposits between $500 and $999.

  • A $50 referral bonus, with unlimited referrals.
    *helpful if you have a friends that want to dabble in the financial world

  • Weekly prizes if you have investments and/or profits that exceed $3,000.

zone options website

Zone Options Compared

As I stated above, the platform used by Zone Options is TechFinancial. This platform is fast and reliable, even if it isn’t in wide use yet. The interface is very intuitive and clean, and easy to use. I find that the connection and execution is a little quicker than other brokers using other tech platforms. (That could be a personal geographic internet connection factor). Unlike many other online options brokers, Zone Options also offers a mobile trading platform, so if you need to, you can access the site on the go from any location with an internet connection (or data connection). The interface, whether mobile, online or on desktop, is very straightforward. As stated, there is a good range of trading options clearly presented.

Another thing I like about Zone Options is they do have very fast-paced returns. A trade can expire within as little as 15 minutes, which means you can earn a profit as quickly as that as well. Many other platforms only work with expiry times of several days or more. Personally, I like the shorter options. This is part of my personal strategy that helps me sleep at night without having open trades! This is one of the great benefits of trading short-term binary options.

I mentioned previously that Zone Options is suitable for both novices and expert traders. One of the reasons a rookie might want to select this broker is their fantastic resource library of trading materials and webinars. You don’t need to be a brain surgeon to get started, but ongoing trading education and updating is always a great idea. With their resources anyone can learn from those who have been earning a living in this field for some time now.

Also, through the TechFinancial platform, there are a variety of reports and charts made available. I have found that different traders use different chart setups and indicators. I’m not sure any two traders want to see the exact same indicators. It’s a personal thing and Zone Options lets you customize these to your taste. They give you access to a lot of historical data as well. Again, this is very different from many other options brokers. Many seasoned traders use a multiple of sources for their research, charts and indicators. Zone Options has more than enough for the serious trader, but I always confirm my trades with external tools or services.

What I Liked

  • The welcome bonuses are really good and can reach as much as 40%.

  • The first trade is completely risk free, and if you do lose all of your initial investment, you will be refunded this. (So you might as well push it!)

  • There are various assets available and a great range of expiration times.

  • You don’t have to make a deposit to register and look around, although you do have to deposit at least $200 to start trading.

What I Didn’t Like

The only real issue we could find is that on their website itself. In the FAQ section they say they don’t offer a rollover option. Then on a new page they describe their “Rollover Button” option in great detail. This isn’t really a knock on the trading platform, but I think their webmaster should clarify things and stay on top of their changes. Zone Options is still in its infancy, and you can expect little glitches with growing companies. I would choose a small website text issue over any problem with their platform. No complaints about their platform or service. And I’m sure the website issue will soon be resolved.

review of zone options

The Verdict

Investing in binary options is not for everyone. Their are three major reason I can understand for people staying away from trading these instruments.

  1. Some people don’t have the capital to invest: I’m not sure if there is a higher possible ROI on the planet than trading these options but you shouldn’t risk rent money. This vehicle does have losses and gains. If you can’t afford to invest into a patient, smart trading strategy you shouldn’t be trading these.

  2. Some people just don’t have this high a risk/reward tolerance. If trading binary options makes you feel sick in the pit of your stomach, don’t trade them. For others (like myself) I don’t mind the risk if I can get a significant ROI. Then again, there are still people who stash their money under the mattress. If you don’t like risking some money to make some big gains, this isn’t for you!

  3. There are some binary option brokers who have soiled this industry. You will find some people complaining that they had a hard time withdrawing profits. I have had that happen to me with other brokers. With Zone Options, of course, you’ll find a few negative reviews around the internet. Let’s face it, if you lose money with a broker on a regular basis some people will blame the broker instead of themselves. That’s human nature. Winning and not being able to withdraw your profits is a major problem. You won’t find too many complaints about this issue with Zone Options. Stay away from option brokers who only offer ONE way to withdraw money. Zone Options gives you multiple processors to help you withdraw your profits.

My Final Summary:

Zone Options is a good choice as your binary option broker. There is no such thing as “the perfect binary option broker”. The reality is that there isn’t a broker out there that will guarantee you that you will see a return on investment. When we make winning trades we call it skill, when we lose a few trades, it’s the brokers fault. Zone Options offers a mulligan on the very first trade. Your principal will be returned if you lose on your first trade. I fell that, overall, Zone Options is a good, high tech, forward looking, reliable broker and platform. The training for new traders and the “Rollover Button” features are great. I expect them to continue to grow and improve over time. 8/10.

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