Trading Options Mentoring Exposed

Options University is a fast growing education company that is intended to help potential investors secure their investment through options trading. It was launched in 2004 by Brett Fogle and Ron Ianieri and has its seat in Boca Raton, Florida.

Options trading is a more popular medium of investment. Unfortunately, majority of the people who invest on it have an unsuccessful venture because they don’t have full knowledge of options trading.

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Hailed as either of the fast growing Top 500 Privately Held Companies by Inc Magazine, the general direction of the company is to assist investors trade options the right way. This is in contrast with how other options trading companies teach their potential investors.

Even if you’re just a beginner at options trading, learning the ropes won’t be overwhelming as the company offers courses for all skill levels. Options 101 Home Study Course gets you started with trading options. The course is intended to help investors develop a full understanding of options trading as well as use tried and tested strategies, with a view to become successful with options trading.

The founders of the company namely Brett Fogle and Ron Ianieri are former floor traders so they have experienced how hard it is to trade options without complete understanding of what they’re doing. They decided to join forces and arrive with an online university that would make investing with options a memorable and worthwhile experience, for this reason.

This is in contrast with the focus that other options education companies are using which is to trade options in a backward direction. Although they teach their students the basic theories on options trading as well as several strategies, they leave their students on their own in order to identify the right way of trading options in the true world. Options University applies a different method, on the other hand. First, the students are taught how to search for the opportunity to trade options. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, students are then taught how to implement the appropriate strategy that will ensure their success. Sadly, most people use the wrong approach. This is perhaps the reason that they decide to give up the business and venture somewhere else.

Next in line for the potential investor is the Advanced Home Study Course that is intended for investors who’ve gained the basic tools and strategies, and we stand ready to take their skill to the other level. And then there is the Options Mastery Course should the potential investor decide to venture into floor trading.

It provides courses from beginner to advanced level. The introductory course is the Options 101 Home Study Course. For advanced traders, they can help of the Options Mastery Series that is offered in a video CD. The course includes a 12-week live version giving students the opportunity to study the material through an interactive online webinar.

The strength of these courses is that they’re held online and can be downloaded on your pc so you could go over them at your own pace. The platform comes with a chat box so you could communicate with the teacher. This frees you from the hassle of going to live seminars and pay for travel and accommodations.

The courses developed by the company relies on the fact that you don’t have to rush things when it came to learning options trading. The key to success in this venture lies on how knowledgeable you’re with the business. This is perhaps the reason that most people find options trading a risky venture.

Aside from offering these courses, the company also offers coaching & mentoring programs. You can participate in the Platinum Coaching Program. This is a three-day live options trading seminar handled by the company’s competent instructors. Other mentoring programs include Sea Investment Cruise, Intensive Options Workshop, and Investor Superconference. Ron Ianieri himself handles one of the seminars.

The company likewise provides coaching and mentoring opportunities. The Platinum Coaching Program holds quarterly meetings including three days of live options trading facilitated by the company’s experts. Participants of this program can likewise participate in other seminars such as the Seminar at Sea Investment Cruise, the Investor Superconference held yearly, and lately, the Option Intensive Workshop.

At first, options trading can get a little difficult especially understanding the jargon such as put, call, strike price, to name a few. However, as soon as you’ll be a master of all these terms, the next thing you ought to know about is how to provide for the events and what method to use based on predicted events.

Options University is aware that, with the right strategy and strategy, potential investors can fully maximize the advantages of trading options. While other companies are focused on teaching only theories and strategies, the company goes beyond that because they think that potential investors should be getting their money’s worth.