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Foreign exchange trading isn’t just about speculating, betting or guessing on the flow of currency prices. To be a successful dealer, you got to be very careful when to trade and when not to trade. In order to evaluate the graphs correctly and decide when to be bullish or bearish, it is important to understand how to do technical analysis. Although there are so called gurus who do the technical analysis for you at a price, it is still best to find out how to do it yourself and be able to set up your own speculations based on your analysis.

This was a meeting of the G20, a body in which the old world is numerically outranked by the new world, and it was taking place in Moscow, capital of one of the Brics. That would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. Now we regard it as normal, for we have absorbed the reality that we are living in a world where economic power is more balanced between the West and the Rest than at any time since, gosh, the middle …

QUESTION: How to analyze stocks and trade them at profit?
I am talking about the Indian Stock Market. I want to trade in stocks by analyzing them to rake in profits. I have seen people trading in currencies by analyzing graphs so please share your tips for trading by analyzing. If you have some useful tips regarding this topic please do share it.

  • the "professionals", the people whose job it is to do this cannot do this reliable. 90% doesn't even beat the index. Buy low fee index fund.

  • You mean analyze them like people have been trying to do for a 100 years and just "rake in profits" as you said? Yeah I'm sure thats just as simple as posting on a messageboard.

  • just buy tata motors and go to bed

  • It is all about your level of interest and kindly follow the scrip carefully for some time; understand its beta and technical chart pattern and you will be able to get most of the calls right; which again depends on your strategy. or you can also approach professionals. as it is better to have some authentic information before investing…!! You can also visit the following website for more……..:

  • Heading Down The Currency Trading Graphs Rabbit Hole

    You may milk other forex trading tools like the Day Trading Robot or the Fap turbo to maximize your profits. The Fap Turbo provides automated services that got to do with foreign exchange trading. This system lets you look at the market thru graphs that are representative of this trends. The system also provides you with a chance to purchase and sell currencies without much of a hassle. Fap Turbo was engineered to make your work simpler. You do not need to have an in depth understanding of forex trading to attain success with this automated system. It will offer you all of the information you want, and will do the tedious work of investigating the forex market for you.
    The proposition is that Europe will become the new Japan. It is not a new idea at all, but it has been given legs by the rising fears that one aspect of the Japanese economy over the past 25 years – persistent deflation – is in danger of becoming embedded in the eurozone. Mr Draghi was seeking to tackle that possibility when he said that the European Central Bank needed a ‘safety margin’ when tacking deflation. We learn today whether there …