Some Thoughts On Trading Options Programs

In order to create a foolproof stock trading strategy, people generally follow online guidelines and take the support of self-proclaimed investment gurus. Now, if you’re trading equities, mutual funds, bonds, etc. this approach can be regarded as acceptable; however, when it comes to trading options, you need more than web based resources and informal advices to be a successful trader. Though it is no doubt that the options market holds great profit making potential, stepping into the league without being aptly prepared may only lead to financial losses. This is the reason it becomes very important for every investor to go for formal investor education from a reputed investment training firm before starting to invest in options.

When stock prices collapsed in October, program trading was criticized as one of the chief villains in the financial drama. Six months have passed and program trading is more controversial than ever. Rules have been imposed to limit the impact of such trading and trading patterns have changed. But some market participants say the new, more aggressive program trading tactics that have emerged are making the market more volatile than ever. Instead of providing extra market liquidity, as arbitrage once did, …

The New York Stock Exchange placed sharp restrictions on program trading yesterday, in the first major regulatory effort to curb the explosion in computer-assisted buying and selling that many believe accelerated the market’s drop on Monday. Stock market officials insisted that they acted solely to avoid overloading the exchange’s swamped computer system, which was stretched to the limit again yesterday by a trading volume of 608.1 million shares, topping Monday’s record of 604.8 million. Separately, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange yesterday temporarily …

How effective are programs that will automatically trade stocks and options for me?
So that you can just let them do the work and trade your money.

  • I am a little surprised that online stock brokers don't offer automated trade engines to drive up their commissions like the sport betting exchanges do but they're probably concerned about the liability. Someone is far more likely to sue them if they provide the automated bots to perform the trades then if there was no denying that all the trades were authorized by the client. Also the bandwidth and server power needed to power the trading platforms would go up significantly if sub minute and sub second trading were made available over the Internet. You don't really see a lot of automated trading platforms available outside of the brokerage houses.

  • That's called a mutual fund.

  • There are good mutual funds… there are not so good mutual funds. There are programs that charge ridiculous fees to manage these programs.

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