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When Dr. Jerome Groopman developed pain and swelling in his right hand, he says, "I saw six prominent hand surgeons and got four different opinions." The correct diagnosis came when one of the doctors took the time to listen to Groopman describe his injury and examined the doctor-patient’s left hand. Jerome Groopman is a doctor who discovered that he needed a doctor. When his hand was hurt, he went to six prominent surgeons and got four different opinions about what was …

The first class that Huston Diehl taught was a group of fourth-graders at Morton Elementary School in Louisa County, Va. It was 1970, in the waning days of officially sanctioned segregation — of separate and, as Diehl would learn, decidedly unequal schooling. It was here, in a school that the county neglected to provide with textbooks, that Diehl learned firsthand the damaging effects that institutional racism and Jim Crow politics would have on her young charges. She soon discovered that she …

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation QAM Communication System Simulation in Matlab QAM Constellation Plot?
Hi everyone, I was wondering if you can help clarify this topic for me. I have to simulate a communications system using Matlab. I must take an analog signal, convert it to digital (binary), then modulate it using a modulation scheme (QAM), demodulate it, and convert it back to analog. BUT, my question is in how to plot a QAM constellation graph. I know it depends on the binary values I have and the number of levels. I also have equations about the QAM components but am not sure how to implement them in Matlab. I need to plot the constellation plot when I have 4 bit representation, so M=2^4 =16. So I should have 16 coordinates. Now, how does the coordinates of x and y come into play here? Can someone help me please? Also, if you know someone who does this for a living (simulating communication systems in Matlab) and would like a few bucks on the side, let me know a.s.a.p ; ) Thank you.

  • Google "Bell 209A" constellation, or "V.22bis". Both are 16 bit QAM. 209A has 4 points, on a circle of constant radius 1, at +/-45, +/-135°, another 4 at same angle, but radius of 3, and 8 points on a radius of 2 at angles 22.5 +( 45 times n), where n is 0 to 7. use x = r cos theta and y = r sin theta. for v.22bis, use x, y = { -3, -1, +1, +3}. R is your amplitude, and theta is your phase shift angle.