Insights Into Trading Professionale

Boulder, Colorado USA (Trading Mastermind)-After launching the Yin Yang Forex Trading Course and the Forex Fund Manager Training Program in 2009, Scott Shubert, CEO and founder of Trading Mastermind, is taking a journey to the land down under in order to reveal to a few Aussies his proven and tested trading methods that have helped traders around the world.

Australia’s economy remained unharmed by the financial turmoil that brought down a number of members of the G20 throughout the world economic crisis. The Australian dollar is also among the most traded currencies in foreign exchange. It is ranked fourth by volume traded and is the seventh largest Forex market in the world. More and more Australian investors are now looking towards the Forex market as an investment vehicle due to its liquidity with the international financial crisis affecting the value of equities seriously.

The rise of controversial high-speed trading firms has generally been a good thing for ordinary investors, a two-year British government study has concluded. The study, however, found that the increasing prevalence of computerized trading may lead to isolated incidents of instability in the financial markets. The report released Monday night is the product of the most comprehensive effort to date to understand the computerized trading firms that have come to dominate the financial markets and generate anxiety among regulators and investors. …

Recently, Shubert noticed that several Australian traders from his trading group are doing very well in their trading businesses and after receiving several pleads for him to make a live appearance in Australia, he eagerly said yes.

Were you aware of that?

Shubert through his Platinum Trading Group has been sharing his trading method that works very well for many traders around the world, for years. Said one of Shubert’s students, ‘it was after I joined Trading Mastermind’s Platinum Trading Group when I realized that I was actually learning and understanding what is truly going on in the market and I find that far more important than just getting good trades. ‘

Trading Professionale: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When asked why he decided to do a live Forex trading seminar, Shubert said that ‘the best way to communicate concepts of trading is in person with live interaction. We already do live daily training online. But in person we come to experience real people rather than just names and meet new lifetime friends and business associates. Plus I really like to travel and see new places. ‘

What does "Instituto Professional" in Chile refer to?
Graduate school specifically or could it mean trade school as well? Does one have to earn a bachelor's degree before attending an Instituto Professional?

  • Institutos Professionales are 2-year colleges. It's like getting an associates degree in the US.

  • The industry insider will be in Sydney on the 10th until the eleventh of April at the Mercure Sydney Hotel. Seminar attendees will learn to overcome psychological, mental, emotional, and subconscious resistance to trading successfully as well as the breakthrough methods taught in the legendary Yin Yang Forex Course. All attendees will get 2 months of live daily training online for free.