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Encinitas, Calif. No doubt, it’s been a long time since a question like that troubled your imagination. And perhaps you assumed that the twin calamities of the Internet crash and the Great Recession had doomed the day-trader species in the unruly jungle of American capitalism. But some dreams refuse to die, and few, it seems, are more resilient than the dream of beating the market while wearing nothing but tighty-whities. Or, if you are Andy Lindloff, a pair of jeans and …

Good Forex Trading Chatroom?
Any good free and reliable forex trading chat rooms? Im not looking to pay for any service or take half hour signing up for it.


  • One of the worlds largest free messaging board/chat rooms covering everything from forex trading to stocks. Create your own portfolios and access real time charts all under one roof.

  • First hour trading chat room

    The opportunity to earn an income from forex trading is there for those that are prepared to work for it. But there is a checklist that you should follow to get started on the way to becoming a Forex Trader. 1, find a reliable and trustworthy FX broker. The forex industry is full of brokers that you simply cannot trust. Avoid forex brokers that are market makers. Because they take the opposite side of the trade, their profits are dependent on your losses. Because of that, they may stop hunt or do something else to lean the odds in their favor. 2, Determine how much you wish to fund your account with. Start off very small. When you’re starting, it’s about you achieving a degree of consistency rather than making a great deal of money. 3, go to forex school. Start off searching the net for free forex education then consider pay for firms if you need more. Learn and study as many approaches and strategies as you can. Then work on the establishment of a trading plan as per the methods that you now know and use a demo account or if a live account, use very small lot sizing (preferably micro). 4, if success at Forex Trading seems to slip by you no matter what you do, then you may wish to consider using a Forex Signals alert service.
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