Binary Stock Option Malaysia

There is no secret that I traded only a few counters as demonstrated from the trading logs I’ve posted so far. Being a full time trader, one should have his/her favourite set of stock portfolios for trading purpose.

I traded a lot on AAPL on my IB trades. AAPL has big intraday price movements, suitable for my IB trading style. For IB trades, the sooner I close the trades, the better. I once held a trade for a period of less than a minute and closed it to make a profit USD300. The chart signals were all aligned and spot on.

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I tested the binary options trading using EZTrader platform, for this past month. In my opinion, the trading method is entirely different from my IB trading style. In IB, I look for stocks that are volatile with big day swings. I applied that trading system to binary option trading, I made quite a series of losing trades. I took a step back and reassessed my mistakes. For this binary options trading, I looked for pre-market market conditions that aren’t volatile, and movement consistently in one direction that is predictable from my charting parameters. NDX Futures fits that criteria and the index is something familiar, known to me (compared to currency pairs and commodities). If you have read my previous posts, about 95% of my binary options trades are traded on NASDAQ 100 Futures.

Binary stock option malaysia

Building up your portfolio takes time. One might need to consider his/her trading style and system for picking up counters to be listed in his/her favourite portfolio. As for me as a day trader, I wouldn’t care so much on the extent and diversity of the set of portfolio I picked, I am not investing long-term anyway. As long as my portfolio is making money and can be employed continuously to make money, although it was just a one counter portfolio, it is good enough for me. In my mother tongue language, there’s a saying, it does not count if your cat is black or white, the cat that catches the mouse is a good cat.

Maybe I am looking for help here because I am not a financial wizard. Maybe I am missing something. I’ve spent my life in Human Resources and my career has been dedicated to finding the right incentives to motivate people, the right pay to be competitive and the right mix of base, bonus. long term incentive, benefits, etc. The recent move toward expensing stock options as if it were a cash expense, is definitely having the effect of reducing the number …