Understanding Options For Dummies

The most common trigger I have found for sleep problems is the dummy. In my experience, dummies cause 90 percent of the all sleep problems in children under the age of 18 months old. There are three main reasons for a baby with a dummy wakes more frequently than one without.

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A baby with a dummy seems to find it harder to obtain a deep sleep, their intermittent sucking seems to disturb their sleep pattern.

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A baby who goes to have sex with a dummy will wake up expecting to suck, but if the dummy has fallen out the baby will shout out for you to come and place it in again. Unfortunately, by the time you may choose to go in and replace the dummy, your baby is so awake, it is harder for her to return to sleep, even once you have replaced the dummy.

Continuing The Conversation

I believe the constant sucking on the dummy tricks the body into thinking there is food coming. This causes them to digest their milk too fast and makes them hungrier than a baby without a dummy.

Rocking a baby to sleep is also an aid which you do not want your baby to start to build on to get to sleep. At first you again like with the dummy won’t see the problem. You will rock your new baby to sleep and your baby will still sleep for long periods. But as with the dummy, when your baby starts to surface between sleep cycles the rocking will be needed again to get your baby back to sleep.

I believe it is unfair to begin a habit you’re not going to continue. Let’s say you find rocking your new baby to sleep an easy option. What happens when your baby gets too heavy for you to rock? Yes you can go out and buy a rocking chair and sit in it while you rock your older baby to sleep, but remember when your baby is 12 months old you’ll be getting up four of five times to rock her back to sleep between sleep cycles.