Trading Finance Options In India

Forex trading is a blessing if you have the right sort of forex broker in india for yourself, and may be a bane in case you stumble with a wrong one. It can be more dangerous if you’re a beginner. There are number of trading companies available in physical market and internet. However, to choose the right one you need to thoroughly research about each one of them. One such company is LIteforex that has lately come up in this area in last seven years.

The company provides its customers with an overall approach to forex investment and trading. With a large selection of forex trading tools and options LIteForex allows you to start from scratch and make largest profits from trading. Not only this, the company fits perfectly in all criteria of a right forex investment and trading company. You can start your business as a beginner or experienced trader through hassle free three step process. In case you don’t wish to bid much money in foreign exchange market you can always begin with a minimum investment of INR 50-55. LiteForex is one of the more known trading platforms in India that provides its clients with a facility to trade through the widely used Metatrader 4 software. Also for certain account types such as LITE and REAL you can also go for the latest Metatrader 5.

The foreign trade policy provides the general framework for catalyzing India’s exports. The item-wise export and import policy is specified in India Trade Classification, Harmonized System [ITC (HS) ] notified by the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

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Nowadays LiteForex is one of leading brokerage companies uniting traders of different levels of the entire world. LiteForex is on the committee’s list of top 100 companies according to World Finance. Our representative offices are opened in many countries.

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We offer our clients one of the easiest, safest and most reliable ways of conducting Forex trading operations. The company’s competent staff stands ready to provide assistance to the clients anytime.