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Financial specialists and the economists are of the view that the economic system of Iraq will bounce again and the Iraqi Dinar will revalue and attain a worth of three Dinar per one U.S. dollar. They imagine that the economic system of Iraq is prone to attain good heights by 2013. At present, the price of 1 million of Iraqi Dinar is less than thousand US Dollars. There was a time when the utility of 1 million of Iraqi Dinar was equivalent to 4, 000, 000 US dollars. Keep in mind, Iraq was has huge reserves of crude oil and many areas Iraq hasn’t been geologically explored using the most current and trendy seismic techniques. At present, Iraq has minim of one hundred twenty billion barrels of oil reserves and this number is as per outdated surveys. However, the government of Iraq has publicly stated that Iraq has massive reserves of oil and its reserves may very well be the greatest within the world.

QUESTION: What is the process involved in revaluation of a currency, and where can you go to find news.?
What is the process involved in revaluation of a currency, and where can you go/look for news and information concerning a revaluation about to happen? I am trying to PROVE, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Iraq dinar is a scam, to some close friends of mine who are investing in that currency… They log on a website chatroom with people who claim to know "sources", and "people in high places"… about a revaluation about to happen but never seems to… I need to know how you can find information on how a currency is revalued, how you can find out about it from a verifiable source, and how, (if the currency does revalue and you have some of it), you can trade it in for money if it's profitable for you? Please source your answers, and thank you so much for this information! And also, does a currency ever revalue "overnight", and is it true that governments won't put out any information until this revaluation occurs, until you actually see it happen on, for example, Thanks! I do appreciate those articles, but that does not answer my question in full. I'm still looking for more than some articles proving a scam or not. I need more information on revaluation, and how to follow one.

  • Here are three links that should prove beyond any doubt that dinar investing is a scam. The sources are impeccable; Utah Securities Division, NASDAQ, Better Business Bureau. All information is still 100% accurate. You might also point out that currency revaluations have occurred many times, never producing a profit. If a "new dinar" is worth 1000x the "old dinar", it would require 1000 old dinar to exchange for 1 new dinar. Multiply by 1000 and divide by 1000 = zero profit. Another frequent lie is that the Kuwaiti Dinar soared after the first Gulf War. The scammers depend on their naive sheep never checking the details.

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    Oil manufacturing in Iraq is projected to increase to much more than 10 million barrels per day by 2020. By this date, it is hoped that Iraq could be 1 of the leading oil suppliers, 2nd just to Saudi Arabia and also Russia. If in the present day’s oil rates stayed steady, this will drastically raise Iraq’s potential oil revenue. At this production price they can expect oil revenues to be $280 billion a yr, a substantial rise from the current state of $70 billion a year. Oil cash from the rising oil production is underlying the development in Iraq, as it’s catching up in order to satisfy the pent-up need for homes and also much better infrastructure.