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It may have been months since you last saw or even thought about your warm weather shirts. And now, with warm weather fast approaching, you are beginning to contemplate them again only to realise that it might be time to add or update a few of your items. Here are some ideas for the better men’s shirts for hot weather that might trim out your collection with exactly what you need.

Polo-If you are searching for a great hot weather shirt with some style and panache, then this might be the guy for you. The polo shirt combines the comfort of a relaxed fit with, with the stylish presence of a collared shirt. Perfect for all sorts of events or just hanging out around the house, the polo is one of those shirts that never goes out of style. What’s better is that the cost range for these shirts can be accommodating to almost any budget.

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Tank top-While most probably not a shirt you are going to wear to a fancy function or dinner party, for comfort and breath ability during a hot summer, few men’s shirts beat the tank top when it is a matter to warm weather wear. Perfect for yard work, home repair projects, or just lounging around the house, the tank top is a good way to cover up but beat the summer heat at the same time.

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Just as most people do not realize they need a luxury car until they own one and then they’ve got a hard time going back to a mass-produced vehicle, a custom shirt fitting will change the manner in which a man views his wardrobe. If you normally wear a watch, wear one to your dress shirt fitting so the tailor can take that into consideration when sizing your shirt cuffs. This allows your custom-made dress shirt to fit effortlessly over your timepiece. If you ever wear especially hefty diving watches with bulky profiles, you should make this known so your custom shirts can be crafted accordingly.

T-shirt-Yes, the t-shirt, the old standby. While not the most exciting of options, it is seldom we can ever have too much in the closet. You probably are not out to impress anyone with this shirt. However, it is a must have in any man’s warm weather gear. With designer, custom, vintage, and retro-stylet-shirts now springing up in stores and online, you can stay cool in more ways than one.

Hawaiian-Loose fitting and typically made from thinner material, the Hawaiian shirt is another one of those timeless classics of which we just cannot get enough. The relaxed fit of this warm weather shirt gives the feel of an easy-going attitude, but worn in conjunction with khaki or dress pants the shirt can also work as more formal attire.

Do you want a pocket on your custom-made shirt or not? This is usually only a matter of personal preference. However, there are some guidelines to follow when putting a pocket on your made-to-measure dress shirt. Pocketed dress shirts are completely acceptable. However, they usually evoke a less-formal feel. Do not put a pocket on any French cuff dress-shirt…ever. Also, avoid flap pockets on any shirt that you intend on wearing with neck wear; once that flap adorns the front of the shirt it becomes a sport shirt and should only be worn as such.

Long sleeve tee-A long sleeve tee is a good option for summer wear at nighttime, on cooler days, or when the sun is out and you wanna have some extra protection. Its long sleeves protect your skin, but its lighter material keeps you cooler than conventional long sleeve options like sweaters, hoodies and jackets.

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