How To Read Option Chains – Some Major Factors

It’s shiny, it’s sexy, it’s stylish– it’s gold. A gold chain is the one piece of jewelry both men and women can wear. In most cases women sport delicate designs and men wear solid styles. However, a gold chain is extremely versatile.

Wear it vintage, with antique pendants, and specially engraved lockets. Indulge in it with diamonds and gemstones. Perhaps go bare, just the gold chain to match whatever you wear. There was a time when gold was a way of exchange, a time when gold ornaments adorned royalty.

Moving perishable or temperature sensitive goods from the verge of production to the extent of purchase is what makes the cold chain critical for international trade. The cold chain opens up new opportunities for medical and freight companies and demands development of common best practices. Below we describe those that, we feel, are vital for preserving the security and the quality of the cold chain.

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Now, gold is affordable and it is everywhere, but it has not lost its lavish appeal, it is still regarded as a status symbol. Gold is a precious metal which is usually alloyed with other metals, such as copper or palladium. It derives its color from the combining metal.

White gold is very sophisticated while yellow gold is plush. Gold chains in 14K and 18K are popular. They contain an acceptable amount of pure gold while being reasonably priced. Distinguishing factors include design besides the amount of karats. While a chain is a simple accessory, its designs have evolved from several cultures around the globe.

The Egyptians, Italians, Columbians, and Russians have all made significant contributions. Gold chains have progressed from being an accompaniment to a pendant to being a high fashion ornament with varying widths and lengths. You may have heard of designer lariats, Hip Hop Bling styles, and layered gold chain necklaces.

However, a traditional gold chain is irreplaceable. Gold chains are made with links that interlock in distinct patterns. A Figaro chain, for example, has a model of three curved links followed by one elongated link. A Box chain is made of squared off links as opposition to the classic curved link.

A Rope chain is made by twisting two or more strands of gold around each other. A Snake chain is made of links that fit closely together to resemble the tubular body of a snake. A Mariner chain is made of links that have a bar running through the center. There are a set of fancy chain styles offered in the market besides these chains.

You can also find them in silver and other precious metals. These days you have the possibility of purchasing gold plated and gold filled jewelry. It is better however, to stick to authentic gold on account of its durability. It is stain resistant and therefore lasts long. It requires very little in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Gold chains have a timeless quality. They suit every occasion, whether formal or casual. When you do not know what kind of jewelry will look good with your outfit, just wear a gold chain. These days you’ll find two tone gold chains, a perfect balance of white gold and yellow gold. These chains are modern chic and urbane.

A gold chain is like a fluid filament wrapped around your neck, its grace lies in its fragility. Don’t be mistaken though, men’s gold chains also come in bolder styles, so you will not lose your edge even as you flaunt gold jewelry. If you do not know exactly what to do with it, wear it with a cross pendant or a clock pendant.

You can purchase gold chains and other gold jewelry from jewelry stores online. Browse through their extensive galleries and choose wisely. The general qualm in shopping for jewelry online is that your jewelry will be of poor quality. There is nothing to worry about. Read reviews before visiting a web store. You are likely to get your gold chain at a steal, so go online and start shopping.