Forex Market Orders – Some Interesting Facts

There are many different kinds of ‘orders’ that can be employed when making a trade in the Forex market. The sheer variety of them can be daunting and confusing to someone just starting out. Even for the trader who has already gotten their feet wet a few times, it is never a bad idea to go back over the options available and make certain that you have everything down.

Automated FOREX trading is a good way to do your FOREX trades as it’s much faster and economical then the more traditional manual ways of FOREX trading. There are plenty of platforms and software available that specialize in automated FOREX trading. These programs also keep track of all of your trades as well as having tools that can serve to analyze the current market. A few among the many features that are available with different software such as automatic tailing stops, discretionary market orders, account equity management, stop orders, limit orders, and technical analysis indicators. This software is possible to make FOREX trades at any time regardless of the time of the day.

Spreads are based off the Buy and Sell price of a currency pair. Spreads are variable and can change during news. Watch for normalization of spreads, shortly after economic events. Financial markets have the ability to be drastically effected by economic news releases. News events occur throughout the trading week, as denoted by the economic calendar, and may increase market volatility as well as increase the spreads you see on your favorite currency pairs. It is imperative that new traders become …

There are several major types of orders, but this article will focus on only six of them to keep things simple, and keeping orders as straight forward and simple as possible is one sure sign of an experienced trader.

The Forex Market Orders Discussion Continues…

Market orders are orders that are carried out by buying a currency pair for the market’s current quoted value. For example, if the EUR/USD=1.4312, You would immediately get 1.4312 USD for one Euro. With market orders, you make trades with a single click, and you are in the market. There is little to no waiting.

A limit order is made when you are ready to wait for a currency pair to hit a specific price. If you think you see a trend, but do not like the current price, you can define an order to buy when your ideal price is hit. For example, if USD/JPY is at 120.25, But you prefer it starting at under 120, you can placed in a limit order for 119.99. If the currency falls to that, you buy in. If it does not, you do not get involved. A limit order can also be used only for picking a point to at which to sell.

Forex Market Order, Create Order in forex platforms?
I'm new to Forex, just started a demo account with a forex broker. I open a position by clicking the tab "open trade", but there are some more options nearby like "market order", "create order". I don't know what the use of these market order or create or order. Someone please help me with this.

  • A market order is an order to buy or sell a stock at the current market price. Unless you specify otherwise, your broker will enter your order as a market order. If you specify the price- thats the create order. See for further explanations

  • Not a problem. Market order means to buy / sell at current price buy limit order means to buy at the limit price or lower. sell limit order means to sell at the limit price or higher. If you are new to forex, you can visit my blog where i write articles for newbies. Hope i helped!

  • A ‘Stop-Loss Order’ is an order to sell at a specified exchange rate that is less than the current market rate. This can be returned to as a Forex trader’s ‘safety valve. ‘ A stop loss order means if the trade turns against you and normally this is made to liquidate part, or even all, of an open position when the market conditions turn enough to cause the open position to lose value. In other words, this is in place to minimize losses if things go really badly, so the trade is automatically closed before you can lose anymore. This order can also serve to get you into the market that the specified price or worse.

    The order is good until you cancel the order or the guidelines is triggered by the deal with a GTC order.

    GFD orders last till the end of the trading day. What time that is depends on what time zone and nation you live in. This means you are betting that prior to the end your order will be triggered, or if you are not, that it’s time to move forward anyway.

    An OCO is an order where you set up for two possible orders based around two separate values that work as ‘triggers. ‘ When the market hits one trigger, that order is put in and the other automatically cancelled.

    Simple orders are generally the best. Keeping in mind your options here and sticking with the normal tried and true orders will help you to guarantee trading success.