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Among all forex autopilot software available under the market, Forex Killer and Forex Tracer are quite popular in the area of sales and user feedbacks. Here we plan to compare these two forex autopilots to find out which one’s the best. We start with Forex Killer. The software comes at a moderate price of $89, together with a 60-day money back guarantee. It comes with the downloadable installer. This means when you click on the download button in the website after making the online payment, it gets installed in your PC. The earning potential and success rate it presents is quite good. When tested in real trading conditions with an initial sum of $200, it returned a profit of around $702.

The software offers quite a few exciting bonuses for the purchasers. The first is the Forex e-book. These you can consult for developing the basic ideas on forex trading. Forex Killer is also supported by a non-farm-payroll strategy. With every package you get an exclusive money manager applet and risk calculator. The software also claims to support other winning forex trading strategies developed by existing users of the software. The instruction on setting up and installations are quite easy to follow, and the system has the possibility of earning profit. These, however may be less than Forex Tracer.

Forex Killer is said to become the only working forex signal generator. If you have this autopilot with you, you will not need any supplementary signal services anymore. The accurate signals and timely provision of those signals are both important, for a fast changing market like forex. If you have your own exclusive forex signals you have an edge over other traders. Forex killer is capable of doing so. The software can be utilized by the beginners and professional traders similarly. With just $500 in your account you can begin trading with Forex Killer. It has a unique dual mode. It works with any existing automated trading platform and also works as an independent program.

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Technically speaking, Forex Killer isn’t exactly trading software. It is more of a trading signal generator. This software would arm you with vital data that can assist you decide on whether to specify a particular trade or not. The software will also assist you with getting to know the likelihood of your success in a given trade. You can find such useful information at the various Forex Killer review websites.

The currency trading market is among the most complex markets around the world too. This is where trading software such as Forex Killer can come to your help. For instance, if you’re trading on the pair of Euro and US Dollars, the algorithm of the software will calculate and let you make the resolution as to trade or not. Just in case it gives you a ‘no trade ‘signal, it means that you better stay outside of the particular trade. In case you get a ‘trade’ signal it would also come, together with the trade probability. This trade probability denotes the percentage of chance that you may probably succeed in a given currency trade off. The best way to learn to know in detail about this software is to visit Forex Killer review websites.

The global forex market is the most important in terms of volume of transaction and reaching almost 3.5 trillion USD per day. Owing to upheaval in other financial markets like stock and bond or real estate, more and more investors are increasingly becoming interested in forex trading. Depending on the level of knowledge you can either invest in currencies, spots, commodities, etc. And, if you’re a newbee in forex trading you may think of purchasing some software that removes the uncertainties and risks from your trading to a greater extent. The most common type of forex software will be an autopilot.

But when we compared the ease of application of this software with Forex Tracer, we weren’t very happy. The operations took longer than usual and decidedly more than Forex Tracer. The software also expects slightly higher degree of learning from its user which may prove to be a little frustrating, specifically for the new investors.

Forex Tracer is a new autopilot that is catching the fancy of the forex traders quite fast. A $200 initial investment yielded $1, 345.34 Profit. This highly profitable system lets you earn $18, 000 in less than nine days. When tested under real trading conditions, it returned greater profit than Forex Killer. This universal software can be implemented on any currency pairs and can be traded from any corner of the world. The ease of operations making the program extremely appealing to the new traders. Weighing the features the software has the $97 price appears to be quite reasonable. You need not have any specialized computer skill to implement the program. And, finally if you’re not satisfied with its performance, take your money back within 60 days. There is practically no risk in buying Forex Tracer.