Binary Options Meta Keywords

Meta keywords were created so webmasters could tell search engines what particular pages are about.  However, you should know they have seemingly outlived their usefulness.  The engines determine the page’s relevance mainly based on its content, so most of them pay less attention the Meta keywords tag nowadays.

However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them.  There are a few search engines which still use them.  You will need to include the tag somewhere in the head section of your HTML page.  You can put more than one keyword or phrase inside the tag as long as they’re separated by commas.

moving on from that thought…

It is important to note Meta keywords are supposed to work in conjunction with the page’s content and the general issue of the website.  In most cases, you’ll only need to include important keywords which are actually available on the page.

When choosing Meta keywords to use, make sure you choose those people actually search for.  There is really no need to target keywords people don’t use since you’ll receive little traffic from them.  You should consider targeting multiple keywords on any given page to improve the chances to get traffic.

Markets saturated with other sites competing for search terms make it hard to find quality keywords. Sometimes it is best to optimize for a less popular term, one that is more targeted at your visitor, as it will probably have a higher conversion rate than a less specific popular term. The first step to determining keywords is brainstorming a list of logical terms and phrases that relate to your product or offerings. This should be done by a series of individuals; sometimes people have very different ideas for search terms and by identifying a wide range of people and their search terms you may tap words that had not occurred to you. There are a series of free and low-cost tools available online and for download that will enable you to expand and research terms that have been brainstormed. The results typically vary according to the tools but overall the tools will help you in determining where to focus your keyword efforts. The tools will often assist with pay-per-click engines, creating expanded, related keywords or phrases that can be bid on.

It is important for you to achieve the most popular search engines don’t place a great deal of importance on Meta keywords anymore.  If you’re optimizing for Google only, there appears to be little importance.  Yahoo, on the other hand, may still give them a little bit of weight.  Two engines that still take them into account are Teoma and Inktomi though.