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The World Bank predicted that India will overtake China next year (2010) as the world the fastest growing economy! Recently the World Bank initiated a $4.2 billion funding program for infrastructure in India.

As Wall Street celebrated a 63% rise for the S&P 500 from March of 09 to December, this country’s stocks were up 147 %! Many of these companies are listed in New York and London making it easier for us in the West to play them (more on this in a few minutes).

In the same vein as the previous paragraph…

The investors, Emilio DiSanluciano, and Frank Mazzola, principals of Felix Investments, a Manhattan-based agent-dealer, aren’t part of Silicon Valley’s elite. Dressed in crisp wool suits, the two New Yorkers are more comfortable navigating the narrow streets of Lower Manhattan than on tree-lined Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, Calif., well recognized for its venture capital residents.

IMAGINE if the stock market were hijacked by computers that executed trades in a fraction of the time that it takes to blink. Since no mere mortal could understand the ‘thinking” behind such nanosecond trading, ordinary investors — even longtime institutional traders — would have little clue as to why any company’s share price was moving up or down in any moment. The values of well-established corporations would sometimes swing wildly from one second to the next and we slow-reacting, human …

Binary options aren’t controlled by Wall Street-yet. They offer a nice alternative for various types of investments. The learning curve is small for binary options. You just need a simple binary options course that can have you up and running quickly.