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Perhaps among the most complex and possibly the riskiest type of trading is option trading. Most seasoned traders realize that option trading doesn’t suit all traders. It selects its own type of people, usually the risk takers. And the trade itself requires skills and thinking unique only to people who could handle extreme risks. Most experts recommend this type of trading only to those people who’ve sufficient risk capital as it carries with it substantial risks.

It is also speculative by nature. So if you’re someone who does not want to speculate too much, you might as well find another type of security which will work best for you. However, rejecting the notion of entering this trade right away is as risky as not knowing anything about it. It carries with it risks, that’s true, but it’s also a highly profitable venture. You might as well try to learn something on it such that you could decide whether to try you luck on options trading or not.

While it is inherently risky, option trading also offers advantages that can only be had with other forms of trades. Among its premium advantages is the flexibility it lends its investors. Each lender has the choice to trade at a specific price within a preset period.

The Whole Options Trading Pdf Enchilada

This is the only thing missing from many options seminars today. The course material isn’t always produced by a professional, but rather someone who has text book answers to standard market material and is located in the business of making money. This can make it extremely difficult for the novice investor or dealer who is looking to obtain their money’s worth out of the seminar. Options trading isn’t something that can be learned in 5-7 days. People who believe it can are either trying to sell you something, or don’t have adequate experience to inform you on how to trade options.

An option is a type of security, perhaps closely comparable to bonds and stocks. It is, in itself, a binding contract, that is controlled by and through strict terms and conditions. In gist, options are contracts that owners could buy or sell at a certain price, before or on a specific date. An option is typically an added price tag to a certain asset or item as it is a reservation for the acquisition or sale of a certain asset.

Options are also sometimes called derivatives. This is explained by the fact that the value of an option is taken from the value of the underlying asset.

Say you have considered buying a real estate property which is worth several hundred thousand dollars. However, when you first negotiated with the owner, you didn’t have sufficient money to buy the property right there and then. So you made an agreement with the owner to pay an extra $5, 000 to reserve the deal for you for the period of two months. The extra money you put in is called the options. In case you do not want to pursue with the sale, the owner of the true estate can neither force you to purchase the property nor can the law impose the sale on you. However, you would still required to pay the price of the option.

In summary, when considering buying a property with an enclosed option, you’ll have the right to do with the sale or to turn down the sale. You aren’t obligated to do one of the two. However, you may lose 100 percent of your total investment in options trading which is the value of the option itself.

FAQ’s: Interactive Brokers Options Selling?
I am looking to sell (short) far out-of-the-money naked options (both puts and calls). I am referring to stock options, not index options. I currently have an account with tradeking, however, they are quite strict on their options selling rules. I have around $3,000 in equity, still growing. I am under 21, and so, the minimum for IB is $3,000. If I were to open an account with them, do they have specific options trading levels that I would be required to achieve before I can sell naked options? I heard that ThinkorSwim doesn't have any options levels, you can just trade whatever you want, so they are my next choice. I feel that selling far OTM options is actually a fairly conservative trading style. I don't intend to hold until expiration, and so I don't believe that assignment would be an issue, however, I still intend to maintain enough equity to purchase shares in the event of an assignment. Any help? Or do guys like me have to wait till they have $250,000 to sell naked options?

  • Because you're a novice… I think you're taking risk that you have no clue about. Do you have a good understanding of "The Greeks". If you've never heard of "The Greeks"… you shouldn't be trading Options at all…. let alone selling them naked. With VOL so low on some many stocks aren't you concerned about your risk/reward ratio being destroyed (if you even had it in the first place). OTM options with low VOL give you two things; Low profit. High risk…… you'll only need one to go against you (Naked Call)….. with a buyout or some major gap. One trade and your account is closed…. that's not low risk…. that's being an amateur. In trading, Risk Control is job #1. Your ignorance of Options is perhaps giving you a false sense of security. I have never seen a professional call naked call writing as "conservative"……. but you "feel" it is…… Using IB for Options gives you lower cost with fewer tools. The tools on TOS eradicate the cost difference. You'll make more money on ThinkOrSwim… even with a higher trade cost (I have both as my brokers, I use TOS 90% of the time). Read;,100