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If you’re in the foreign exchange trading industry, you might have already heard of the software Forex Autopilot or at least had come across a Forex Autopilot Review in the net. This software is programmed and offers automated trading methods. However, if you’re thinking that with this software, you can trade like a true professional, then you’re getting the wrong impression.

You will be able to understand that having an automated foreign exchange trading system isn’t enough to make it big in the trading industry by reading a comprehensive Review on Forex Autopilot Software. You also need to get a basic background about foreign exchange trading, Forex Charts and the technical details of this business. Even if you have good and reliable software to assist you, your trading activities still involve certain risks. The only good thing though is that your risks are calculated and you got better chances of becoming successful.

A superficial knowledge of the Forex Charts as well as basic background on technical analysis continues to be a must. This way, you’ll get an idea what the software is actually doing and the way it works.

Forex Autopilot Reviews???

The Forex Autopilot and its Reviews must be carefully studied and understood prior to using it. Do not be overly excited about the option of being able to exchanges in the foreign exchange market like a well-seasoned trader without much effort and attention. Remember that no one can accurately predict the market conditions at any particular time or circumstances. Even with the Forex Autopilot software, you still need the right systems to maximize your chances of achievement and make the maximum of your investment in the Foreign Exchange business.

If you’ll read and carefully study the Review about the Forex Autopilot, you’ll learn that this software imitates the strategy and actions of a dealer. It automatically works in order to determine the best and most potential entry and exit points. It also picks up signals without requiring any action from the portion of the user.

There is no guarantee of profits no matter how long you’ve been trading in the forex since it is highly unpredictable and understanding the market perfectly is quite impossible. This is where is Forex AutoPilot can be of some help. This robot basically imitates the proceedings of a trader, and works automatically to identify optimal entry and exit points. It picks up its own signals without any specific action on the part of user. You need to realize that even with this robot, there are a number of financial risks, but these are only calculated risks. You can expect a 5-10% return every month, realistically speaking.

The quality and profit potential of this system is quite pleasing, especially since you pay peanuts as in relation to the full trading systems which can cost you thousands of dollars. Both the Forex Autopilot robots can be configured to generate trade signals and not perform any trades if that’s what you would want to do. The two bonus components alone can serve to develop a profitable forex trading strategy, so they really add value to this package. The Forex AutoPilot is based on more than 20 forex indicators. The system seems to always use a 20 pip take profit limit but it does nt implement a stop loss strategy. The bonus Non Farm Payroll Robot, is a good feature and if it can really work well, you can make hundres of pips within an hour during that volatile period. The Bonus Ultra Trend Indicator seems to be highly accurate in finding the orientation and strength of the trend. It is quite accurate too. The documentation is quite detailed so you’ll not have a problem learning and understanding the forex.

Even with the Forex Autopilot system, a person’s trading activities still involve certain risks. However, as soon as you to understand that your risks are well calculated, you can expect a 5 to 10% returns on a monthly basis using this system. Thus basic knowledge on foreign exchange is still required and highly recommended to make the maximum of this software.

Read more on Forex Autopilot Review to get more ideas about this software and to be able to assess if it can assist you in your trading activities. Remember that your strategy and trading system still counts and can still contribute to your success but the Forex Autopilot software can help you and help you maximize your chances.

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Forex Automoney vs. Forex Autopilot
Hello, Complete newbie, never invested before. Looking for the easiest and most reliable way to invest with FOREX. Forex Automoney Signal Software or Forex Autopilot Software (FAPS) I am willing to start with $1000. ?? How much do brokerages charge to make a trade?

  • Let see how expert review Forex Automoney. I have not seen anything posted on Rip-Off Report about Forex Automoney but Forex Autopilot has. Check it out! Forex Automoney Review:

  • Hiya… Phowar… I'm not sure what to make of robots at the moment. I'm pretty interested but from what I can gather FAPS doesn't have a default stop loss built it. You have to manually set it up and there is a rumour (only a rumour) knocking about that when you set up the stop loss it has an impact on performance…. tough to find out but watch it!! Obviously Fx is risky so a stop loss is important unless you wanna watch it al day (kinda defies the point of a robot then). I'm less familiar with Forex Automoney. I have been checking out Forex Tracer and am interested in Forex Funnel simply because they concentrate on a specific currency pair. I'm hedgin towards the Forex Funnel at the moment because it is said to perform in all market conditions. The tracer stays out of the market on non-farm payroll days to limit how these affect it (still learning the jargon!! so I'm not sure what it all means…) The other option is to learn the basics of forex trading. There is a course I'm researching at the moment as so far it genuinely seem quite good (has all the fundamentals in place). It's call the 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder by Dean Saunders and you can find all the features of the product at I might give this a go with (if I get some pips in the bag) a robot in the background. I think it's gonna be a case of concentrating on one thing and scaling it up. Again, a master of one and not a jack of all… Post back, I wanna know how you get on.

  • Most Forex online brokers do not charge a commission, they make their money on the spread between the bid and ask price. If what I just said above is completely foreign to you, I suggest buying some books like "Trading Currencies For Dummies" and "Getting Started in Currency Trading". Many online Forex brokers like,, and all have play money accounts where you can practice, practice, and practice. Yes, you can start with $1000, but you will be buying and selling currencies on margin… again, if that sounds foreign, please learn about Forex before actually putting money in it. Is it realistic to say, "I want to learn poker, I have $1000 let's go to Vegas?" Uh, no. You get a computer program and a How To Play Poker book, and you practice without real money before you go to Vegas. Honestly, if you "never invested before", as you say, I wouldn't start with Forex. Currencies are usually something people move into after they have an understanding and significant exposure to equities/stock trading… Or better yet, experience in low-risk securities like money market accounts, CDs, and growth funds. Got to learn to walk before you run, as they say. Good luck !

  • I would be careful about which forex systems you look into buying because there's a lot of scams out there which you can get burnt from. I would suggest taking a look at some reviews before you make any decisions because some of the systems you're going to see are less than satisfactory (no matter what the site suggests). When I was looking for a Forex system, I found which has reviewed all the top forex systems and given them HONEST and UNBIASED reviews based on actual customer comments online. For me, reading what they had to say made parting with my cash a no-brainer. Hope this helps?

  • Forex trading-

  • There are a lot of buzzes doing the rounds about automated trading software. This is software that trades the market for you Whether you are there or not. You could be at work and it will trade for you. The leader in this field is a highly ranked industry insider. This mathematician created what he calls a trading robot. This robot monitors the market all-day long until certain conditions are met and then makes the trade for you. Want to see some live account statements? Check the results out here:

  • I don't really like forex on autopilot but for a new comer who wants to trade forex, I think forex autopilot gives you an edge and you are almost on the same level as others. However, you will have to depend on that particular forex autopilot software which may work or may not. I have tried about 5 or 6 of these fully automated forex software to trade on autopilot and most do give some edge. Maybe if you want to try, go for the latest. The one going to come out this week is Forex Loophole. Look out for it. It's still not on sale. Indications are it's good and likely to be sold out fast.

  • I tested both and I didn't liked Automoney at all. Forex autopilot is better, byt it's not perfect as well. You can check review on these systems on any reviews website like and find the best system for your needs. I personally prefer a system called Supra Forex (