Option Download – What’s Needed?

Starting with option one you can pay for the Zune Pass and be able to download the movies you’re after. The cost of the Zune Pass is $14.99 per month as of this writing. You know that comes to about $180 a year. However you do get a very nice secure and fast way to download movies to zune. You should know though that if cancel your subscription you lose access to the movies.

The third option involves being able to download zune movies from a safe and secure place. The difference is that you don’t required to pay each month for access. Just get membership that lets you download movies and music that you will be able to play on your zune. No bad stuff like spyware and viuses.

The third solution is to download zune movies from a site that is Safe and Secure and does not cost $14.99 per month. This option is a membership site. They give you access to the movie downloads you want while protecting you from viruses, Spyware and Adware.

Thought Provoking Discussion on Option Download

A site that offers these options along with dozens of movies and music only runs about $35.00 For a year! After the year if you chose not renew you still get to play and enjoy all the movies you downloaded.

A membership site give you these advantages and only costs about $35.00 For a year. Better still is when your year is up you can maintain and continue to use the movies you downloaded.

There you have it-three options that you can then use to download movies to Zune. Either make a lifetime of monthly payments or pick up some extra freebies (virus, spyware and adware) with your free downloads or just make a small investment in a secure and secure way to achieve your movies.

FAQ’s: download option quotes?
how do i download option quotes from Yahoo

  • There is no way to directly download an option quote montage from Yahoo (or any other site) as far as I know. You can, however, copy the data to a PC fairly easily. To do so bring up the table you want to copy, such as the one at http://finance.yahoo.com/q/op?s=ZEUS+Options then (1) place the cursor just past the last diget in the table (2) press the left mouse button and hold it down (3) move the cursor to the just before the "C' in the word "Call" in the first line of the table (4) release the left mouse button (5) while holding down the control (CTRL) key press the "C" key to copy the table to the clipboard (6) start the software that you want the data in, such as Excel or Word, (7) place the cursor where you want the table to begin (8) paste the data by holding down the control (CTRL) key while you press the "V" key. As as aside, I would suggest using an option montage from http://www.cboe.com/DelayedQuote/QuoteTable.aspx instead of one from Yahoo. Yahoo option montages are not as complete as they could be.

  • You can't. Historical option quotes are not generally available for download for free anywhere.