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They are tapping into corporate investment abroad and could allow foreign companies to sell shares in Shanghai as early as next year, as a result. Rumor persists that Shanghai may allow foreign investment in yuan-dominated private equity and venture capital funds as well in the immediate future.

Some experts even feel that China’s GDP will fall in the next several years. Hedging might be a great digital options and forex strategy for traders of forex and binary options for those who’re cynical about the Chinese takeover of the world.

UPDATE: Binary Option Platform Ranking

Contrary to popular belief China’s economy cannot continue to grow at 10 per cent year-over-year because it has for the past three-decades. And, the more the Chinese Government tries to attempt to keep up this growth rate using an exporting surplus to propel it, the larger hole they’re going to dig-or should we call it a bubble, as that appears to be the buzz-word for this decade. Today we see a massive celebration in China at the Shanghai Expo. However, behind the scenes it’s a matter of economic crisis management.

There are several behind the scenes things happening in Asia right now, plus, intelligence sources show some other issues, not accessible to the public, but return to the main issue-China’s economy and stock market. The real estate market looks pretty toppy, and ready to pop, consider a possible 30-40% pull back soon, as China has just curtailed lending to speculators and introduced new standards for their banks to stop the bubble building, it’ll be too late, although they’ve got to do something about it.