How To Learn Option Trading From Morningstar – Your Choice

Option trading is like most every other activity of human endeavor in the sense that it has its own unique language. This is no different than bowling, hunting, brain, or baseball surgery. There is a tendency in people to establish their own terminology, and sometimes even slang, that they wish to use to speak with those who share their interests. It serves the aim of separating those in the know from the beginners. When you’re new to anything, this can be daunting and confusing. Usually, a little research will sort things out. Often the terminology is only a complex way of expressing a simple idea. Option trading is filled with such terms: calls, puts, margins, strike prices. It helps to be able to talk the jargon.

Where online would be the best site to begin learning about option trading?
I'm looking for a free, no obligation site. I know very little about option trading and would like to learn simplified methods from the beginning.

  • At least you're not trying to trade them without knowing anything about them Here are some sites that may help you Good luck, study hard

  • Here is a free site: I would suggest a book b4 trying the online. It is the best way to learn.

  • How To Learn Option Trading From Morningstar, Is It Really That Simple

    Commodity option can be profitable if you see how to trade it. In order to make money with commodity option you need to be aware of the strategy. But first you must learn how option price is calculated. Without that knowledge you will not be in a position to use any strategy. Basically the commodity price like any other asset is influenced by supply and demand. If the supply increases and demand unchanged then price will go down. If the demand increases and supply unchanged then price will go up. Another important factor that influences the price is currency. Since US dollar is still the main currency in the world, commodity is priced in US dollar. What happen with US dollar will influence commodity price. If US dollar weakens then commodity price will go up. If US dollar appreciates then commodity price will go down. An example of this situation is the gold price record recently. US dollar is plummeting and gold reaching new record.