Forex Yahoo Chart Secrets?

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The Indian Rupee has been spared the worst of the recent emerging market currency problems, but it remains especially pressured by traders ever since last May. Issues may persist the next several weeks. The Indian Rupee has spent the past several months in a tight range, at least compared to the more consistent selling seen in the middle of 2013. The Rupee, like other emerging market currencies such as the Brazilian Real, South African Rand, and Russian Ruble, has been under …

FAQ’s: Is there any posibility that yahoo messenger will have forex feature on it??
I would like to see yahoo messenger having forex chart streaming and tickers as well as utilizing the yahoo "Alerts" as news alert that would be a perfect combination for forex investors.

  • I am not sure since I think Yahoo focusses more on Stocks. If you want find more on forex and related charts, you can visit –