First Option Technologies Clarified

You must have been life in a land far away, there too, probably hiding in a cave under a blanket, if you haven’t heard of something called an mp3 player. Well, if you’re one of those persons who’re clueless about the mp3 revolution, but are embarrassed to admit it, look no further, because help is at hand, and this write-up is just that. Well, to say it in one line then, first were the cassette players, the CD players followed suit and now is the time of the mp3 and digital mp3 players.

Cassettes and tapes were the first alternative given to people to record and store their favorite music which they could then easily hear by playing the tape on any standard cassette player. Making subsequent copies of the songs from a tape led to erosion of quality and clarity of voice. What followed were the compact discs, which provided much superior quality, and could be played on standard CD players. This were generally of a large size. Moreover, with time, the discs got scratched, no matter how well you took care of them. Once scratched, they would skip and jump while playing songs, thus marring the whole experience of listening music.

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Supervision is the key, as with anything. Because too much of anything is bad in the modern world, limiting your child’s TV watching has not changed. However, the way they watch TV can go far in simplifying this effort for conscientious and technologically adaptive parents. We can still ask our kids about the plots of their shows, how they feel about them, and stay involved in their choices of programs, as proposed in the article Benefits of Media for Children and Teenagers at The Raising Children Network. However, with online TV, we can expose them with greater frequency to quality shows, educational shows, moral shows. We can cut out boredom caused by times where ‘there is nothing interesting on. ‘ We can make their allowed viewing time more quality with online TV. We can take them to places they have never gone and expose them to ideas just the same as before, only it’s easier to do this selectively with these new technologies, as online TV. Internet TV may become one of those technologies that we are able to truly use as a means to teach our children how to use media responsibly and for the good.

One basic disadvantage of both these old school technologies was that we had to carry the complete music albums when we may have liked some of them. What followed was the mp3 revolution, which introduced the mp3 players, formally referred to as the digital mp3 players. The technology enabled us to compress the large size audio files present on the audio discs into a much smaller sized digital format, all the while retaining the quality of the sound. Thus, virtually, the capacity was to double, or in other words, the storage space required now would represent a tenth of that used earlier.

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The digital mp3 players thus allow us much more storage space, and provide equally good quality and clarity of voice. The large storage space is provided either by flash memories or micro drives. These are nothing but miniature hard drives, which provide much higher storage spaces than ever thought possible. The small and compact design coupled with a simple and user friendly interface, make these portable music players a hit among the listeners, who’re willing to shell out those extra few hundred bucks to seek their hands on the players which employ the latest technologies and provide the best quality.

FAQ’s: physiotherapy or bio technology,which is good option?
i confused which course is best option

  • In general both are good. But when compared with income in profession, Bio-technology is better.