Explaining Options Trading Authority Review

The amount of documents to get through can be daunting, as with most books on the question of how to trade options. For example, with Sheldon Natenberg’s Option Volatility and Pricing, it is about 418 pages to digest.

There are adequate reader reviews on Amazon and Google Book Search, to help you decide if you’ll get the book. I’ve summarized the core concepts in the great and essential chapters to help you get through them quicker, for those who’ve just started or are preparing to read the book.

Ensure that the agent, you’re considering, is registered with a regulating authority such as: The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), The National Futures Association (NFA), or The Financial Service Authority (FSA). These regulating agencies see to it that its members abide by the provisions that safeguard the market’s integrity and protect investor interests.

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The number on the law of the title of the chapter is the number of pages contained within that chapter. It isn’t the page number. The percentages represent how much each chapter makes up of the 418 pages in total, excluding appendices.

Forex(foreign) currency trading in www.GFCMarkets.com in India..any review?
Anyone has done this type of trading with the said broker..what is your experience..please share with us.

  • Hi iam_pall, GFC Markets is owned and operated by SafeCap Invesments (http://safecapltd.com), which is a firm registered in Cyprus. SafeCap is regulated by the Cypriot body CySec (http://www.cysec.gov.cy) and FSA of UK (http://www.fsa.gov.uk). SafeCap Investments was founded in 2006 under the name of Arbat Capital Limited, and changed its title in 2009. Its regulatory approval for forex operations was just granted in 2008. 1. Please also be informed that SafeCap also operates other online trading websites: finexo, btrader, forexwebtrader, goforex and gdbrokers. 2. Account Types: a. Trading account types offered are standard just like any other brokers. b. Their mini account has a welcome bonus of up to $250 which is generous. There was no such offer when I started out. c. Their standard account gives a welcome bonus of up to $2,000. Need I say more? 3. They offers leverage level up to 200:1. But I do not encourage you to take up this offer as it increases the risk. 4. Trading platforms: a. From browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari. Good if you use Macbook or Macbook Pro. b. On Windows, you can trade using a client software that offers more trading flexibility that option (a) above. c. Trade from your smartphone. I have never been keen on this option as the screen is too small. But at least you have an option to enter, modify and exit your preplanned trade when you are away from your computer. 5. Deposit And Withdrawal: It is standard just like any other brokers. 6. Customer Support is 24 hours a day which is very important. Please check that they speak your language. 7. How Safe Is It? a. They have a market capitalization of over 170,000,000 USD, so they are one of the leading brokers around. b. And all funds under 20,000 EUR are insured. So you can sleep at ease. c. The broker regulated by two separate and credible EU authorities. Whichever broker you choose, none of them are perfect. Some traders always hop from one broker to another believing that they can get a higher chance of success. It is however more important to choose one that you are comfortable with. My parting words are always learn, practice and discipline. a. Always be keen and humble to learn. There is no end to learning. b. Always practice whatever new things you learned in demo account. If you cannot survive and prosper in your demo account, you time of trading live has not come yet. c. Always maintain trading discipline. This can only be cultivated in diligently practicing in your demo account. I had never appreciated this aspect until I kept busting many demo accounts. I hope this helps and good luck!

  • These chapters are relevant for practical trading purposes. Here are the main points for these focus chapters, which I’m summarizing from a retail option trader’s perspective.