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Through our Forex Megadroid Review we have discovered that Forex Megadroid truly is an imposing robot, incorporating some of the latest technology available to help in your profitable trading on the Forex market. It has the newest technologies available and will get you a very strong investment tool for your Forex market investments. When compared to part of the other robots on the market, the intelligence level outshines them in many ways.

The RCTPA, or Reversal Correlated Time & Price Analysis, technology is used with the Forex Megadroid. This provides an accurate prediction of the ups and downs that will take place in the market, even in just a short amount of time.

The Forex Megadroid will adapt due to the technology that has been constructed into it, as the market changes. No matter what changes occur in the market, the robot will use the intelligence to make decisions that will meet your needs. The other robots that are available to assist in Forex trading tend to make poor decisions when changes occur and it can give rise to losses for the robot owner.

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Many of the robots on the market rely on historical data and review of the current market to lead them to their predictions about future trends. Forex Megadroid takes a different approach, using only intelligence to analyse the future markets. After just a couple hours, the Forex Megadroid will be predicting the market and trade at a ratio of 95.82 % Accuracy according to the makers of the robot.

QUESTION: Anyone bought Forex Megadroid yet.?
I had a chance to play around with a preview copy and I was blown away though I only had 10 minutes to investigate before my boss came back into the room. This forex robot has taking the best of all the recent forex automatic trading software robots and added a few features that we wished were in the robots we loved so much. If FAP Turbo was the best forex software ever made, Forex Megadroid makes it look like a Prototype. I need testimonials besides my own. You can read a review at

  • Let's face it…you don't really want an opinion; this is an ad for Megadroid. I looked at the web site. These people are idiots. If you put in 10K and end up with 50K that's a 400% profit not 500%. These guys don't know enough about arithmetic to exaggerate correctly and I'm supposed to trust their computer program. When you get all the way to the bottom, you find "All results shown on this website are hypothetical, back-tested results" In other words, nobody has actually used this program to make money. They just took a formula and kept rerunning historical prices through it and tweaking it until it showed a profit.

  • Wow….. this sounds great. Too bad its filled with half truths. Don't buy this product unless; You have 5 years or more of very successful FX trading. You believe in the tooth fairy.

  • MegaDroid (and quite a few other products you'll find touted by 3rd party users) pays a finders fee to those who drive business their way. These fees can be as much as 70-80% of the price of the product/service. So each time you come across someone touting the greatness of MegaDroid (or any other product), find out if said person is getting a kickback on the sale. [In the case of MegaDroid you'll find that the person doing the cheerleading has their own account at clickbank - eg, - which allows said cheerleader to pull in a large % of what you pay for the MegaDroid product.] So before you buy MegaDroid (or any other product) you should have an idea of whether your paying for a real product, or just paying a finders fee to someone else for their paid cheerleading. If the cheerleader won't answer emails honestly, or tries to gloss over your questions … then save your money and walk away. NOTE #1: The person who posted this question is a cheerleader; their link (findanyoneinstantly…) is merely a sales pitch for the MegaDroid product and you'll notice that the button at the bottom of their web page is a link. The person asking this question isn't honestly interested in the validity of the MegaDroid product … this person merely wants to make a finder's fee off anyone who visits their site before buying MegaDroid. As for the MegaDroid product, consider … On Friday (30 Mar 2009) the MegaDroid developers were suppose to have a 1-hour web Q&A session about their product. For various 'techincal reasons' the Q&A session was pushed back to the following morning (Sat, 31 Mar 2009, 6:00AM, NY time). The Q&A session was supposedly 'fully subscribed' so it wasn't possible to attend on Sat morning (did anyone actually get into the Q&A session?), but no worries … a recording of the Q&A session would be made available. Guess what … there's no recording of the Q&A session. The MegaDroid website goes on and on about how profitable their product is, even going so far as to post their make-believe profits from 2001 to present. NOTE #2: All of these 'profits' are based on what's called back testing. NOTE #3: Anyone who's spent any appreciable amount of time trading the forex, and has looked at countless the-real-thing trading systems, knows that back testing results *NEVER* match live trading results. As of today (3 Apr 2009) the MegaDroid folks have an addition to their website which shows their '2009 Live Update' (ie, live trading) results. Guess what!?! Those numbers are *NOT* live trading results. Those are back testing results generated by running their robot through MetaTrader's Strategy Tester. NOTE #4: When asked for actual LIVE TRADING results, the reply from the MegaDroid support folks was basically … "We're not forcing you to buy our product.". They made no attempt to provide LIVE TRADING results, nor did they try to refute my comments that all of their claims are based on back testing. As most folks (with a couple neurons to rub together) can tell, there's a lot of hype/slight-of-hand/bs'ing on the MegaDroid site so, does MegaDroid actually work? *shrug* I haven't seen any actual live trade results … yet. (Again, back testing results are *NOT* the same as live trading results!) I haven't come across anyone (no, cheerleaders do not count) who's actually made money off the product … yet. At this point the product appears to be unproven in a live trading environment. You can either wait-n-see if any reliable/believable live results are published … or you can buy the product and hope that the MegaDroid folks stand by their 60-day money back guarantee if you find that you're not 200% satisfied (how corny is that … *200%* satisfied … it's not like they're going to pay you back double your purchase price, eh?).

  • "MP" (above this response) is 100% Spot-on CORRECT in his assessment of FOREX ROBOTS like "Megadroid" BACK-TESTING is useless, and indeed, this is NOT a "real question" (Yahoo Answers should REMOVE ASAP) – However, when one searches for this product, thankfully the "truth" about these Bots listed here now, is listed high in the search rankings over ALL the SCAM affiliate (cheerleader) sites that "popped-up" overnight (amazing how 40+ sites have all used this and made money… oh wait, read the fine print… it's all hypothetical!! and back-testing sucks!) Go to to see FOREXT ROBOTS being FORWARD TESTED on LIVE (and different) broker accounts, and you'll see HUNDREDS of "busted" Robots (I have no vested interest in PipCop… just that they do what other CLAIM to do) – including the "authors" of said robot.. If they really really believed this was so "great"… why don't they forward test it??? Because it will blow up your account just like every other robot out there… And the question asker states "FAP Turbo "was" the best Forex Software EVER made"…. till Megadroid.. Puleeeeeeeze!! FAPS & FAP TURBO has been debunked – and WILL get your brokerage account closed for "scalping" (the scalping feature is the only part of FAPS TURBO worth some merit) – Anyway – that claim is "false" – as are the claims made on Megadroid's website… and it is beyond me why these guys aren't prosecuted for FALSE ADVERTISING….?? (as well as their affiliates) As the 1st poster said, LEARN TO TRADE MANUALLY – 4-5 YEARS *THEN* think about risking your hard-earned $$$ There is NO "Holy Grail" robot (EA) out there folks… or if there is, You and I could NOT afford it!!! and it certainly wouldn't be selling for a mere $97 bucks…. Think about it… if it makes 400% return… Why not trust their own product to make their money vs. all these "infomercial" affiliate-selling hyped up BS sites on the interweb?? Grrrrrr! * Note – once this product gets out in the wild (only been on market 2 days) and people have the chance to FORWARD TEST on a LIVE CASH ACCOUNT and it does 400%? I will be the first to call these 2 idiots and apologise… Otherwise, till they can provide live forward results, it is your usual marketing affiliate (or as MP said, "cheerleader") SCAM… Don't walk, but RUN away from these types of marketing scams and hype (also vote for MP's answer so other people will see the TRUTH about these robot scams)

  • Yes, I purchased it and am testing it on two demo accounts (different brokers). It's been running since the morning it came out. The first day of no trading was due to my not changing the risk to an appropriate setting. So far it has made one trade for a $40 profit. It does not trade on Friday so nothing today. It's $97 and that was worth a try. Plus it's interesting playing with it and writing about it. I update my experiance at least once a day at .

  • I bought Forex MegaDroid and I will demo test the robot for the next 55 days – until clickbank money back guarantee expires :) See how it will go here – As people correctly already answered, we need to see how it goes with demo trading. Again there is also a difference between live and demo account. But lets see how it goes in demo first.

  • The chances of losing money when using the Forex Megadroid is very slim, according to our review of the product. Albert Perrie and John Grace, the developers, have an amazing 38 years experience in the business. They make sure that guidelines and updates are made regularly so the customers of Forex Megadroid will have accurate results. To go one step beyond that, there is a dedicated support team that is there to respond to questions and assist in any manner necessary to ensure customer satisfaction with the Forex Megadroid.

    Another sign that this robot is a major product is that the makers of the Forex Megadroid offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you find that Forex Megadroid isn’t giving you a return on a regular basis then you can absolutely take advantage of this guarantee.Installation is fast and easy and can be done in just five minutes. It is basically a plug and play operation in that it is quite easy set up and to start using. The product is offered at a viable cost of $149 and your transaction costs, dependent upon your broker, could be as little as $5.

    Forex MegaDroid had several benefits over other forex robot programs. It isn’t expensive ($97) in comparison to its competitors. The set up is fast and easy. They say it’s only 5 minutes but since I didn’t have any experience with forex robot programs it took me about 10 minutes. It has a 60 day money back guarantee.

    Some of the perks that may be consulted when you make your purchase are online tutorials, Forex reference materials, and a no cost subscription to a Forex magazine. Do you think the price is too small for all of this? The developers have decided that providing an excellent service for their users is larger than making $1 million over night.

    This review is of the opinion that this robot is one that stands out among its competitors. It is very user friendly both in installation and general use. Even the beginner that has little to no knowledge about Forex can use the Megadroid. The more experienced traders can also profit from the technology. Understanding of Forex isn’t necessary to utilize Megadroid. However, it may surely be an advantage for experienced traders. If you ‘d like to have more family time in which you don’t have to worry about your trading status, the Megadroid can bring it to you.