Day Trading Netpicks Options Live

MetaTrader Sucks. Well, perhaps I should revise-MetaTrader sucks when it comes to variety. Take for example, charting methods. These days, range and renko bars are *huge*. They’re easy to learn, easy to use and are entirely based on price movement (unlike alot of other charting methods out there). So the results is a far cleaner chart with less chop and churn that can force you into some potentially bad trade decisions live, in the market.

And of course, MetaTrader does not support either one. (Lame) Thankfully, my buddy Mark Soberman just created a sweet little plug-in that actually installs onto your MetaTrader and enables you to trade using Range and Renko (his version is called Quantum Leap Intervals).

Day trading netpicks options live

Even better, I’ve custom-programmed a plug-in, called Quantum Leap Intervals, specifically for MetaTrader that enables you to start trading with this alternative charting method. Personally, it’s made my trading life much easier more succinct and I STILL use it in my every-day trading.

Best of all, I’m giving away this plug-in to you, today. All I ask in return is for your feedback. About a week after you download the plugin, I’m going to send you a brief survey to gauge your thoughts on my Quantum Leap Intervals software-and all you’ve got to do is answer it as honestly as possible. Sound like a fair trade? Good.