Binary Hacker – Our Outline

Computer understands the language of binary numbers that is 1 and 0. Working on these 1′s and 0′s we’ve got the whole web world and the various applications running on our computers. To make things more intelligible to human reading various languages have been designed over times. To make things simple and fast various applications have been evolved over the years by programmers and coders.

How does it feel when someone steals away the code or program that you have developed and sells it away as his own work. The economic damage is quite huge but the emotional damage if far big to be measured. Data security is the foremost priority for a coder as putting in years of experience and talent into a single code and later on loosing to a hacker or a crook who may trick you is quite devastating economically and emotionally.

A Parade Of Binary Hacker Information

There are various techniques available to avoid this kind of fraud. Server side execution of software and encryption are two of the methods extensively used. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. As they may apply to a specific hardware which may be a little difficult for a novice programmer.

Various other techniques are described in the market which can be used to protect your intellectual property. These techniques use various methods to frustrate the hacker or the fraudster. Either the hacker will have to invest a great deal of time and money in cracking into your code or he’ll not be in a position to decode it in the form he wants it to be.

Employing the code security to safeguard the code would lead to increase in the revenue stream and a peace of mind for the coder. Creating a high wall for the hacker would surely deter many a hackers from even trying to crack your code.

Data security isn’t only a matter of concern for independent, small or novice programmers but it’s on the priority of big software companies also. All countries have a legislation to protect the individual intellectual property and have rules and regulations to prevent piracy but still an important part of the revenue is lost due to these fraud activities. Thus its a long way to go before we’ve got a fool proof program to safeguard the intellectual property.