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When we’re setting up a YouTube account, we need to get a look at the web video marketing, just under activity sharing. I think it is a good idea to connect a number of the other accounts. My accounts are not connected because we do a great deal of this work manually and I’ll decide where I want what content to go where, depending on what is my outcome is for that video.

In the face of growing competition from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and others, YouTube acquired online video production company Next New Networks to boost the quality of videos and help monetization efforts. While price was not disclosed, insiders estimate it was under $50 million. Next New Networks is behind dozens of branded networks. The company typically partners with folks who are creating popular and interesting online video and helps them take their productions to a higher level in terms of quality, popularity …

Actually another reason I do not do a lot of sharing is I have two niches that I operate in. I’m in the stock market niche and I’m also in the internet marketing niche. I try where possible to distinguish those and keep them separate because I do not want my stock market people thinking, oh, he’s just an internet marketer. I’m more of a complete entrepreneur, that’s how I position it for my guys. I do business, real estate and trading as well. That’s how I explain it to them but where I can, I try and keep it separate.

I would connect the accounts, you can get it go through to twitter, Facebook. The reason you wish to do that, the more views you get to your videos the better. Videos are a great way to communicate with your clients, so the more that you can find them to watch it, feeding into your fan page on Facebook or posting it out to twitter, the better. So that’s sharing.

Moving The Discussion Forward

The other area as well that you wish to have a look at there is a section about demographics. I already know my avatar, that’s why I do not check in it very often. There is a way where you get your channel. It’s up the top where it says insight.

Each video does get their own analytics but this is the analytics website. So if you do not know who your avatar is yet and you are putting out content and you want to find out who it is you wish to pitch to, sometimes it is a good idea, I do not go in here very often because I know who I’m marketing to but it might be a good way to help you create that avatar that you are going to be marketing to. It’s also a good place to jump into to find out which videos are most effective. These videos are getting most views and that type of thing.

Now when it goes to uploading to YouTube you want to make certain that you do not use any automated software. I do this all manually. Why? Because it makes up 90 per cent of the video, so you might as well do it right. I do not use Traffic Geyser for YouTube, I do not use either of the other video material because we do it manually. We take the time to make sure we do the right keyword research and really customize it. We do that, the importance of understanding your avatar as well.

Once you understand your avatar, you configure your profile and you are ready to rock and roll. Then the next thing you’ve got to do is you have got your video content we have exported it out onto my desktop. Then you wanna know who it is you are going to be doing this web video marketing. Then we need to begin to look into picking our keywords.

The purchase price for the 107-year-old paper was not disclosed, but Reed Elseiver had for months struggled to sell Variety. The print publication’s public profile and revenues have declined precipitously over the past five years. Successive bidders had circled the asset, only to walk away from Elsevier’s asking price of $40 million. The price paid by Penske, ultimately the last bidder standing, was believed to be about $25 million. Reed Elsevier continually lowered its price, and then offered financing to the …